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Unfortunately, in a very few cases I have found myself in a position in the past two years where the lack of clearly stated policies have cost me dearly. So I must state a policy to guide the very few customers that have abused the system as it is.

Invoices will need to be satisfied before equipment is released unless special arrangements have been made.

Unpaid Invoices:
The policy is now that if an invoice is not paid within 90 days of the date of the invoice, ownership of the equipment repairs were done on, is forfeited and said piece or pieces of equipment will be sold to satisfy the invoice and any other charges incurred.

The policy is now, if you ship your equipment to me in a box and or packing that is deemed not suitable for return shipping, you will be charged $20 for an outer box and packing material, AND you may have to pay for oversized shipping. In the case of a rackmountable piece of gear, the double box comes out to over $45 plus insurance.

The customer agrees to these policies by sending equipment in to be repaired by James Gangwer.

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