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U-47's After
These four U-47's arrived from a tropical location where they had been subjected to the worst conditions possible. They arrived as parts in bag. I rebuilt the mics and retrofitted them with the parts necessary to restore them to their former glory.
Two more examples of finished work.

In 1986, I designed one of the first modifications of the Neve 1272 line amp into a microphone preamp. The idea was then taken up by Brent Averill.

I had an opportunity, in 1991, to work on REDD 37 which was one of two custom made consoles the Beatles used to record their classic songs at the Abbey Road EMI Studios. This console contained the famous Telefunken/Siemans V-72s module. I later designed one of the first modifications of this unit to a microphone preamp with direct instrument input.


James Gangwer
Studio Equipment Specialist

Factory Authorized Repair for Drawmer, Brauner Microphones and Soundelux Microphones. Recommended by Universal Audio for all vintage UREI service.

Phone: (510) 912-0515
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